Shaping Future Climate Stewards

Improving lives of grassroots communities

For a Just sustainable environment and society

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Our Core Values:





Mission :

our mission is to constantly involve youth and leave none behind in key acts for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation while contributing to clean water access, food security, clean energy , and climate resilience.


WDGO envisions for a cleaner and healthy environment, climate resilience and wellbeing of people and biodiversity achieved through a collaborative effort. 


 We Do GREEN is a certified non-Governmental Youth-led organization operating in Rwanda since 2018 with the main goal for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation.

 Climate Change is a global emergency and will continually be threatening people and biodiversity if we do not act now before it is too late, the effort needed to achieve zero carbon emission as well as keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 Degree Celsius; calls for a joint contribution in a more pragmatic way.

 Our 4 thematic areas interlink with SDGs 6, 7 and 13 which are: Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy and Climate Action


 Environmental Education and Conservation 

 Clean Energy & Waste Management 

·         Fruit, ornamental and classic tree nursery raising and planting projects.

·         Environmental education and conservation in schools and grassroots communities.



·        Clean energy to : Impoverished communities, Off-grid schools, Hospitals, Refugee communities 

·        Waste- to- wealth initiatives

 Clean Water and Sanitation

 Sustainable Agriculture and Community Empowerement 

·         Rain water harvesting

·         Clean water deployment to underserved schools and communities

·         Sustainable farming

·         Community empowerment initiatives

·         Crosscutting



Environmental education and conservation starts in schools

The current society is living on the costs of future generations. Problems such as environmental degradation and climate change are threatening human lives. It is definitely time for a change and young people have to play a central role to save their own future. A major raise in awareness of young people to a more sustainable lifestyle can be done during their early education. Environmental Education and conservation in Schools is vital to empowering and preparing the next generation to grow environmental consciousness while making them stewards of climate actions for a sustainable future of our society overall.


We Do GREEN is  spear-heading environmental education and conservation in schools among other initiatives in Rwanda where it teaches school children about climate change, environmental protection, green entrepreneurship, tree planting and sustainability best practices; promoting qualiy and equity in education while developing  more sustainability role models that our society needs to handle the most pressing issues of our time and in the future.


                                                                                           With your support, we can reach every school in Rwanda!


Results to date

Trees Planted and  emission mitigated: 2600, with 36.4Mt Co2 Eq.       




 Youth Educated &Inspired: 6016



Local Communities served: 1340

            And Counting! 


                                                                Kigali, Rwanda