Our Mission

To constantly involve youth, 
and leave none behind in key acts for environmental
conservation and climate change mitigation while
contributing to clean water access, food security,
clean energy and climate resilience.

Image of WDGO worker planting a tree at Nzove School with eager environmental students.

Our Vision

To help people to save the planet

We Do GREEN Organization envisions for a cleaner and healthier environment, climate resilience and well-being of people and biodiversity achieved through
collaborative effort.

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Our Values

Decency, honor, bravery

WDGO is a team of highly passionate conservationists, activists and philanthropists, dominantly energetic youth  devoted to drive green growth for the climate resilience and well-being of all people.

Children planting trees.

Our Beliefs

Everyone deserves their chance for a healthy planet

WDGO rigorously prioritizes its efforts and resources to the on-ground implementation by engaging community environment in its activities to make sure it attains measurable and sustainable impacts.

Our Work in Action

Your Support Means a Lot

Each donation matters, even the smallest ones.

Donate $2 ( the average price of a small coffee in the USA) and help us save the planet!