During the summer of 2018, a small group of passionate and engineers and science students at the University of Rwanda came together to express their fears regarding environmental challenges facing Rwandans and the global community. The group of individuals was concerned about the climate emergency, continuing environmental degradation, and unequal access to clean energy, clean and safe water, and food security in their communities. We Do GREEN was founded as the result of local and national-level struggles due to the inequities created by colonial legacies, contemporary forms of imperialism, and extreme systemic poverty. 

The incorporation of We Do GREEN began with the group’s idea to carry out informal environmental academies in Rwanda’s lower secondary and primary schools, inspiring younger generations to become climate stewards by raising their environmental consciousness and preparing them to become sustainability role models. After six successful sessions in different schools around Rwanda, the group came up with an idea to upscale their impact by becoming a formal organization. The young engineers and environmental scientists secured their temporary registration after one year of informal operation in mid-June 2019. That first step toward institutional longevity fueled the group’s journey and emboldened their passion towards serving a cause greater than themselves.

We Do GREEN steadily continued to grow despite its leadership’s limited experience in the NGO sector. The passion and resolve of the environmental activists led to a number of partnerships and continued success with programming. The Government of Rwanda formally recognized the youth-led organization in June 2020, believing in the potential of its work to empower the Rwandan community and improve its environment. This was a tremendous success despite all its complexities. The lengthy registration process is a treacherous road and reflects a bigger gap between youth energy and access to power – but the success of We Do GREEN shows how youth can play a central part in achieving climate-resilient and sustainable communities, ensuring the harmony of people with nature to protect the wellbeing of all life on Earth. The WDGO team has always believed that if youth-led initiatives are better supported and integrated into wider society, there is no doubt that their impact will be greater.

In 2020, We Do GREEN stepped on the global stage as an invited international speaker at China’s Science Literacy and the Construction of Ecological Civilization Forum. The event was hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and organized by the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation in celebration of the 2020 World Conference on Science Literacy. The WDGO team presented invaluable insights on  “Promoting Science Literacy through Environmental Education in Rwanda: A Case Study from a Youth-Led Eco Initiative” at the Session “Building Global Ecological Civilization: A Community for All Life on Earth and the Future for Mankind”, reaching 17,000 online participants from around the world.

In 2021 and beyond, We Do GREEN will continue to invest in the youth of Rwanda and communities around the world in order to leverage energy and resources for bold climate action.

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